About this blog

This blog has been set up in order to keep Hands Off the People of Iran members, supporters and friends up to speed with the latest developments from inside Iran. HOPI members are in constant contact with leading activists in the Iranian workers’ movement and are in an excellent position to not only report on events but to actively intervene in them. In face of the crackdown on communications media inside Iran, it is vital for us to assist in publicising demonstrations, strikes and rallies as and when they unfold. If you can speak Farsi and wish to help HOPI comrades in the translation of statements, interviews and reports then please get in touch at office@hopoi.info or call 07590429226.

HOPIDemoHands Off The People Of Iran fights against the threat of any imperialist intervention, war or sanctions against Iran. It looks to build active, practical solidarity with grass-roots radical secular forces in Iran, the militant women’s, workers and students movements. We want regime change, both in Iran and in the imperialist countries. But we know that change must come from below – from the struggles of the working class and social movements – if it is to lead to genuine liberation.

Our campaign demands:

No to imperialist war! For the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US/UK troops from Iraq and all the Gulf region!

No to any imperialist intervention. The immediate and unconditional end to sanctions on Iran.

No to the theocratic regime!

Opposition to Israeli expansionism and aggression!

Support to all working class and progressive struggles in Iran against poverty and repression!

Support for socialism, democracy and workers’ control in Iran!

For a nuclear-free Middle East as a step towards a nuclear-free world!

For the full statement click here.

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