Urgent Financial Appeal

The key to ensuring this upsurge makes real, solid gains for the working people of Iran is boost the fighting capacity of those masses, not to sow illusions in any establishment politician, particularly Moussavi. That’s why Hopi exists and why we are approaching you for support.

To make a donation, click here

There are a number of practical things you can do:

· Come to our emergency meeting in London on Saturday, June 20 to discuss where Iran is going and how we, as internationalists, can practically aid our brothers and sisters in revolt – details here www.hopoi.org/articles/elections%20meeting.html

· Visit the Hopi website regularly (www.hopoi.org) to get updates on events. The comrades in Iran have told Hopi that they need help in spreading the word on the protests. Web access is very slow at the moment in Tehran and other cities and the sites are being filtered by the regime. If you blog or run a site yourself, can you link to Hopi or create a page of your own?

· Send money to Iran via Hopi to secure the release of those arrested. There are fines to pay and lawyers to engage. If you are in a local branch of a union or campaigning organisation and send £25 plus, we will also count it as an affiliation to Hopi. (See our model affiliation motion here www.hopoi.org/resources/tu%20resolution.html). This will ensure you get regular news from Iran, updates on campaigns and briefing papers on important aspects of our solidarity work. You will receive invites to our conferences, be able to submit motions and generally take part in the democratic function of our campaign.

· Comrades in Iran are desperate to communicate with the outside world, to send images of the street battles, to report developments and exchange ideas with supporters internationally. The regime – in common with dictatorships elsewhere – is determined to isolate the protesters. For instance, all phone communications with the country were cut for four hours on June 14 – the kind of ominous silence that we must do everything in our power to break through. Again, money is useful here. The regime often blocks militants’ access to internet chat and online phone services. (Western sanctions also restrict access for ordinary Iranians to the web – another example of how sanctions harm working people while leaving the regime unscathed). We need money to buy time on pre-pay online systems that would allow activists in the movement to speak to supporters in other countries.

· Does your union branch/campaigning organisation/student union have unused technical equipment like mobile phones/laptops? Could you put our an appeal to your members for this sort of hardware? Union organisers and other activists in Iran are in desperate need of this sort of logistical support

· Invite a speaker from Hopi to your next meeting to learn more about the crisis – its dangers and its opportunities

· Encourage your members to find more information on the elections, including video clips from the mass demonstrations, by visiting www.hopoi.org

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