Recent footage

Tehran Rally Against Ahmadinejad اعتراض به نتایج انتخابات 18 june 2009, ۱۳۸۸ خرداد ۲۷ سال:

Footage of protest in Tehran on June 13 2009:

Protesters confront riot police in Tehran on June 13 2009:

Police on motorbikes attack demonstration, June 13 2009

Riot police attack Tehran University, June 14 2009:

Doctors and nurses protesting in a major hospital in Tehran, June 16 2009:

Background and history

Yassamine Mather (HOPI) speaks on ‘Iran and Imperialism’ at Communist University North, May 3 2008:

John McDonnell MP discusses what the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign is about:

David Mather and Amir Javaheri Langaroudi talk about the working class movement in Iran:

Yassamine Mather talks about ‘Trade Unions in Iran’, Deember 14 2008:

Students for Freedom and Equality in Iran:

Behrouz Karimiadeh explains the situation of students in Iran:

Torab Saleth (HOPI) speaks on ‘Iran and the Threat of War’:

Torab Saleth speaks about the 1979 Iranian Revolution:

Rahim Bandoui speaks about the national question in Iran:

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